Protec Safe Search Tactical Entry Gloves


The Protec tactical entry glove with padded palm and full knuckle and diamond padded finger joint protection is the ultimate tactical entry glove from the company that brought you the superior and affordable Protec Safe Search needle protection glove.

The LG13 brings protection with comfort and dexterity with padding where it is most needed and with a full DuPont™ Kevlar® slash resistant lining, tough jobs require the right equipment don’t pass on protection and buy with confidence from a company that has over 30 years experience in design, research and development and working with and for the leading UK agencies.  

  • Complete full aramid fibre slash resistant lining
  • Superior fit fingertips for maximum dexterity and comfort.
  • Finest quality full leather covered glove.
  • Padded thumb palm and full knuckle with diamond padded finger joint protection
  • Velcro® and leather wrist closure
  • Reinforced pull tab
  • Designed ergonomically with a stitch pattern to improve fit and dexterity.